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Kookaburra Kids

Kookaburra Kids


Supporting young people who live in families affected by mental illness through early intervention and mental health education.

Kookaburra Kids supports children and youth aged 8 - 25 years who live in families affected by mental illness, by providing early intervention and mental health education in a fun and age-appropriate recreational and educational camp and activity day program. 

2017 Pitch
Funds raised: $33,310

Kookaburra Kids pitched at TFN Sydney for the second time in September 2017 to raise funds for the delivery of a camp for high school children who live in families affected by mental illness. The camp combines a psycho-education program, fun recreational and creative activities and, for the older children, introduction to a program that will support them as they make their way out of school to enter tertiary education and meaningful employment. Children have opportunities to share their stories in a supportive, understanding environment and learn skills that will build their confidence, resilience and future independence. Importantly, they will have respite from the challenges at home with lots of fun and laughter.

2015 Pitch
Funds raised: $30,650

Kookaburra Kids pitched to The Funding Network in May 2015 and raised $30,650. They are seeking funding for a program to help young women develop leadership skills, work associated proficiencies, personal self-development and career readiness. 

The impact...

Caring for a sick loved one can be a full-time activity. Being a child in the position of carer is more demanding, and can mean putting oneself second at a time when personal growth is incredibly important. Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation takes as its focus the girls and young women who live with a parent with mental illness who requires their caretaking. The foundation provides respite and education for young people through camps and activities programs, ensuring age-appropriate support for their own mental health and encouraging children to realise their potential. In providing these services, AKKF supports whole families affected by mental illness.

The funds went towards the pilot of Girls Taking Flight, a program focused on developing leadership skills, career readiness and personal self development for girls and young women who care for family members with mental illness. Each participant in the program pilot received professional support, mentoring and resources to build a career plan and make positive, achievable future goals for themselves. Thanks to TFN funding, AKKF also opened a new office and is beginning the establishment of a national program for Defence kids - a rising demographic of children who have a parent suffering from PTSD or mental illness as a result of military service.

Ursula is 18 years old and has been involved with Kookaburra Kids for eight years. Both of Ursula’s parents suffer from mental illness and Ursula suffers from anxiety. Ursula’s father’s hospitalisation was confusing and scary to Ursula as a child. For Ursula, Kookaburra Kids has created the chance to be a carefree child. Learning about mental illness increased her understanding and she had learned new coping strategies such as relaxation to help calm herself in stressful situations. The Girls Taking Flight program enabled Ursula to narrow down her career choices - she successfully gained early entry to study a Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Wollongong and is now looking into majoring in health promotion and becoming a community welfare worker.


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