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Providing experiences that strengthen a young person’s employment opportunities.

Through the development of transformational skills and attitudes, BREED acts as the primary conduit between disadvantaged young people and business.

2017 Pitch
Funds raised: $37,310

On the 6 September 2017, BREED raised $37,310 at TFN Sydney to support the development of the Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP!), aimed at providing a foundation for disadvantaged young people to create sustainable self-employment opportunities, via skills training, applied learning, mentorship and positive support. The training programs fill focus areas such as photography, computing and technology, mentoring and training, and arts, craft and jewellery. 

The impact...

When asked what his goals were, Jai’s answers were simple. To get a job and earn enough money to move out of home and get married. Unfortunately for many young people living with disabilities, like Jai, even goals like these are considered ambitious or even out of reach. Almost half (45%) of people living with a disability are living near the poverty line and face discrimination when applying for work. They are usually overlooked before they can showcase their skills, work ethic and passion.

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At TFN Sydney, BREED pitched for funding to run a Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP), for young people living with a disability and looking for work. They would receive business mentoring and lessons on communication skills to develop their own entrepreneurial skill set, allowing them to start their own businesses and engage with the local community. We're pleased to say, some of the program graduates have gone on to start their own ventures and present at business networking events. This exposure breaks down barriers between the local business community and these young entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence to put themselves out there as employees and business leaders themselves.

After completing the program, Jai and four colleagues went on to set up their own business – The Tech Help Group PTY LTD – providing IT services locally. They have even got their first paid job!

“When we look back at when we started working with Jai, a young man with very little confidence who struggled with his verbal and written communication skills, it is incredible to see him now as a more confident and capable young man who always strides to succeed and only needed an opportunity” – Gricel Mendez, BREED Partner

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