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Top Blokes Foundation

Top Blokes Foundation


Tackling the anti-social and risk-taking behaviours of at-risk young men. 

Junior Top Blokes is an early-intervention 8-week peer-mentoring program for disadvantaged teenage boys aged 14-17, aimed at critical points within their prime risk-taking stage. Program topics include: Risk Taking, Peer Pressure, Mental Health, Anger Management, Online Behaviours (pornography, sexting, cyberbullying), Drugs/Alcohol and Goal-Setting.

2014 Pitch
Funds raised: $16,088

Top Blokes Foundation pitched at TFN Sydney on 5 November 2014 to support its Junior Top Blokes early intervention program and raised funds to support the delivery of an extended Junior Top Blokes program and provide two full day public education programs covering similar topics to groups of young males.

The impact...

Youth comes but once in a lifetime and - with guidance and opportunity - can precede a strong adulthood.  Top Blokes Foundation backs that potential with the Junior Top Blokes peer- mentoring program: reaching out to young men aged 14-17 to help guide them through this critical risk-taking development stage.

Since raising $16,088 at the TFN event, along with additional multi-year funding in excess of $100,000, Top Blokes Foundation have used the funds to deliver an extended Junior Top Blokes program (increasing the 8 week program to 16 weeks) to 64 young people and provide two full day public education programs covering similar topics to groups of young males (167 in total). 

Both programs address a broad range of themes and encourage healthy, safe and sensible life choices. The impact on young minds has been marked: 100% of participants in the Junior Top Blokes program reported a change their opinion of alcohol or other drugs; 81.25% of participants indicated increased confidence and wellbeing; 76.25% reported learning a significant amount about looking after their mental health from the program; 71.5% said they knew where to go to get help for their mental health in almost all circumstances.

Adolescence is the conjugator of child and adult – and over the past 12 months, TBF has matured also. Along with fiscal growth - including $33,000 in extra funding support credited to communication skills sharpened by TFN pitch coaching - the organisation has increased its geographical reach and brand profile, while expanding internally from a team of 4 to 12. In October, TBF hosted Australia's first National Boy's Health Forum at NSW Parliament House and, more recently, celebrated the nomination of its founder, Melissa Abu-Gazleh, as a finalist for the NSW Young Australian of the Year (to be announced early 2016). 


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