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Time Help

Time Help

Connecting two generations: volunteer retirees with young people in schools; for education, wellbeing and community benefits. 

Time Help's vision is for students in school, committing a minimum of 1 hour a week and supporting literacy, numeracy, ESL, self-esteem building, kitchen garden, science and one-to-one mentoring.

2014 Pitch
Funds raised: $13,500

The organisation presented at TFN’s Melbourne event held in partnership with the Australian Communities Foundation on 29 July 2014 and raised $13,500 to support their School Volunteer program, with additional $15,000 donated after the event. 

The impact...

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” (C.S. Lewis)

The Timehelp vision of success features young people achieving positive educational and social outcomes from their schooling – while older Australians maintain physical and psychic wellbeing and a keen sense of social relevance throughout their middle and twilight ages.  

With that support, the Timehelp vision was activated:

  • 62 volunteers (32 new recruited, 30 existing retained)

  • 7,400 hours of one-to-one volunteer time

  • 7 primary and secondary schools provided with one-to-one learning support,

  • 150 students directly supported

  • Majority of student learning outcomes, self- esteem and confidence achieving the 90th percentile (and all within the upper 20 percent)

  • 83% of volunteers (older Australians) reporting enhanced mental health and well-being

  • $23K further funding leverage (excl. amounts mentioned above) over the past 12 months

Timehelp is attracting and preparing community volunteers to be positive role models for vulnerable and at-risk students. Weekly learning support and affirmative reinforcement through the Timehelp program has been welcomed by schools as an opportunity to harness experienced - and effective - human resource across a range of educational areas: literacy, numeracy, ESL, book clubs, science, kitchen garden and library support.  

The program’s one-to-one teaching and mentoring achieves an ingenious match: learning outcomes for youth with enhanced welfare for a maturing population. With three additional staff members and a 95% success rate with Victorian grant applications, the organisation has shifted from chasing resources to welcoming enquiries, and credits TFN pitch training with its success in achieving alternative funding.

Regardless of our age or stage in life, we humans share the need for positive reinforcement. The Timehelp team highlight the support and encouragement received throughout the TFN experience and the ‘huge boost of confidence to keep going’ as noteworthy outcomes of the event. Check out more highlights in their video above or read their the full Impact Report below.


Read their Impact Report

This organisation is no longer in operation.

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