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Woor Dungin

Woor Dungin


Enabling Aboriginal organisations to achieve self-determination and access resources to address issues affecting their communities, particularly physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide and substance abuse.

Woor-Dungin is a coalition of Aboriginal community controlled and philanthropic organisations, pro-bono service providers and other stakeholders. 

2014 Pitch
Funds raised: $11,350

WD presented at TFN’s Melbourne event on 29 July 2014 and raised $11,350 to fund development of a pilot Aboriginal Community Worker Support program: a model plan to support those working directly with community.


The impact...

"The future is not a place we go but one we create. And the pathway to it is neither found nor followed, but built.’

 The Woor-Dungin (WD) coalition of Aboriginal organisations and philanthropic and pro bono partners is in pursuit of effective and sustainable social action - collaborating for maximum impact when dealing with social challenges in rural and remote Victoria.  

With the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) established as a working group, WD is now in the process of finalising a support model developed with the staff and board at Mallee District Aboriginal Service in collaboration with Bouverie Indigenous Unit. This model program contemplates immediate and practical support 24/7 for Aboriginal community workers dealing with critical case incidents (in particular, substance abuse and youth suicide) and, once implemented, will be measured and evaluated over a 5-year period.  

WD is committed to developing bespoke solutions that are owned by every Aboriginal partner organisation it works with. ‘Woor-Dungin’ means ‘share’ in the language of the Gunnai people of South Eastern Victoria: working groups like the SAC incorporate essential ingredients of shared consultation and cultural respect into custom-built models which are better placed to conscript – and maximise – available philanthropic resources. Reimbursements funded through TFN played a key role in reducing barriers to SAC participation and enabled representatives from 5 Aboriginal organisations across Victoria to come together, speak directly about issues facing their communities and share ownership for decisions around best practice.

Over the past year, WD has raised public awareness and deepened community engagement - as activities expand in response to requests and priorities of Aboriginal partner organisations. The coalition is successfully augmenting a pro bono network of professional volunteers and corporate donors while WD’s Vice-chair, Shantelle Thompson, who received a 2014 Newsboys Community Leadership award and a recent 2015 AMP Tomorrow Award, has emphasised the enriched advocacy opportunities she has experienced as a role model for Aboriginal leadership.  


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