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Transforming the lives of children impacted by emotional trauma through innovative expressive therapy programs.

A psychologically traumatising experience can have a considerably adverse impact on a child’s developing brain and if unresolved, can develop into serious personal challenges in their adult life. KidsXpress supports families, schools and communities to better manage and minimise the impact of childhood trauma through early intervention.

2017 Pitch
Funds raised: $39,013

After pitching at TFN Sydney in June 2017, KidsXpress raised $39,013 to go towards for their 10-week therapy programs that use music, art, drama, dance and play as therapy to immerse children’s senses, imaginations and entire bodies into the communication of difficult emotions or experiences.

The Impact...

In Australia, 1 in 7 children are exposed to trauma relating to neglect, abuse, violence or significant other trauma. For too many of these kids foster homes, police visits, drug abuse and domestic violence is common. Trauma can make it hard to trust adults and creates anxiety, this can make schooling hard and thriving at school even harder. The risk of disengaging at school is immense and the consequences significant.

KidsXpress has been doing amazing work with these children in their schools for over 10 years. Their therapeutic programs bring music, dance, play and art therapy into the schools and work intensively with these vulnerable children. Thanks to the generous support of the TFN community, Margo has been able to grow KidsXpress and reach 15 more vulnerable children so they can participate in the 10-week therapy program. By utilising best therapeutic practice and expressive art-therapy, the result isn’t just ‘neuro-scientific’ but also in their hearts and their belief in themselves. Below are some of the art works created by these children during the sessions. 

“After reporting that they hadn’t seen Amy smile for months, Amy began to express joy both during the KidsXpress sessions and in her classroom and the playground. This was often done through initiating shared play and spontaneous dancing”  - Maria Rallis, KidsXpress

Read their Impact Report

Impact stories from the field

Recently TFN was able to visit KidsXpress at their new office in Macquarie Park. This marks a time of growth for the organisation, thanks to the amazing work they have been doing in expressive therapy for children impacted by trauma. 


“KidsXpress allows the kids to have one foot in reality and one foot in fantasy to explore their feelings in a safe way” - Kristin, Therapist


“We are with these kids on a journey with them for one step, you don’t know what is before or after. It’s a privilege to be able to walk with them for just the one step”
- Laura, Therapist


“It’s incredibly powerful. To have the power of 3 therapists working together is incredibly unique. It’s rare to be able combine music therapy with art. Those moments with the kids are without words- Siobhan, Therapist

Learn more about KidsXpress.

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