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Little Dreamers

Little Dreamers


Supporting people under 25 years who care for a family member with a long term illness or disability. 

LD improves young carers emotional and physical health and resilience and ensures that caring is a responsibility shared by Government, community and family. 

2016 Pitch
Funds raised: $27,351

At TFN Sydney in September 2016, Little Dreamers raised $27,351 to support the development and launch of their Dream Coaching Platform - an online support group for young carers including a forum, hub of inspirational stories and a directory of services available to support them. 

The impact...

Did you know there are over 420,000 young carers in Australia? Chances are you might already know one, or were even one yourself growing up. Yet despite this, young carers are often isolated and lonely, too consumed with their caring role in the family to put their own needs forward. Too often they can feel guilty asking for anything and their needs and wants can pushed aside by other priorities. 

At the age of 10, Madeleine Buchner was a young carer herself. Even at this age, she knew she wanted to do something for kids just like her. She had a dream to connect them with other young carers with similar experiences, and create a space just for them. With the support of our donor network at TFN Sydney, she is now achieving this dream. 

The Dreamers Hub will be launched just in time for Christmas this year, and is already positively impacting the young carers engaged in developing it. This platform provides advice written by professionals on self-care, provides opportunities to talk to other young carers as well as an online mentoring service.

One of the young carers who has been testing the beta had this to say:

"Having a platform like The Dreamers Hub has made me feel more connected to other people who are just like me, made me realise that there are lots of people in the community who also have caring roles, and made me feel less alone. It has meant that on days when things are really tough and I am pushed to my limits that there is always someone for me to talk to, someone who just gets it." Amy*, young carer

*Amy is a pseudonym used to protect her identity. 

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