Share the compelling stories of your work and your impact through simple and powerful photography techniques.

Powerful photography feeds minds, stirs hearts and inspires action. This is a practical guide to learning photography skills that will enable you to capture, edit and share powerful photos and connect people with your work. You’ll leave this session with a deep understanding of how to shoot using inexpensive equipment, principles around the do’s and don’ts with social impact photography, and simple techniques to edit your shots like a pro. You’ll be able to capture powerful imagery that will enable your audiences to better connect with you, your beneficiaries and their stories.

What you'll learn

  • Social impact photography using your smartphone and inexpensive equipment

  • How to light your photos to best convey your message

  • Composition and framing, including the rule of thirds

  • Photographic features on your smartphone you probably didn’t know about

  • Things to consider when using photography for social impact, including how to keep the identity of your beneficiaries anonymous

  • Different styles of photography, including portraits, landscape, documentary

  • Simple in-phone editing techniques using tools at your fingertips

Additional Resources & Articles

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Collaboration Partner

Damien Low Res.jpg

Damien Baumgart
Producer & Teacher - Youthworx

Damien is a photographer, media producer, illustrator, designer, and teacher. With experience across Australia and the UK, Damien is an experienced photographer and teacher. He is now training young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in creative and commercial media production at Melbourne-based social enterprise Youthworx. Damien is passionate about the power of photography in storytelling. He believes that everybody deserves the chance to learn and achieve their goals.

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