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Paint the Town Read

Paint the Town Read


Helping secure the literacy future of Australian children.

Paint the Town REaD Ltd (PTTR) uses a collective impact model to encourage everyone in the community to read, talk, sing and rhyme with children from birth, so that children will be ready for learning at school. The organisation aims to secure the literacy future of Australian children, especially those from disadvantaged communities, so they can be successfully educated and achieve their full potential as adults.

2015 Pitch
Funds raised: $14,100

PTTR pitched at The Funding Network in Sydney on 7 September 2015 to purchase reading materials and resources that will help new parents start their child on the journey towards literacy from day one, with a particular focus on the needs of Aboriginal, refugee and disadvantaged communities. 

The impact...

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at John Hunter Hospital, new parents read and sing nursery rhymes to their tiny babies, filling the long hours spent sitting beside their baby's humidicrib and perhaps easing the dull ache that often comes with being unable  to touch or hold their little one.  In Blacktown's NICU, there is a range of books tailored to the varied interests and reading skills of new parents and appropriate for infant development stages from newborns upwards, while a 'Reading Bug' recently delivered the first books for the Books for Newborn Bubs in Moree Hospital. Placing these resources within easy reach of parents standing vigil by a hospital crib is Paint The Town REaD.

With the $14,100 raised at the event, PTTR distributed early learning books to over 3000 babies and their families, along with another 1000 'How to Feed My Baby's Brain' brochures explaining to parents why it is so important to read,talk, sing, rhyme and draw with children from birth.  


PTTR aims for every Australian child to arrive at school ready to learn, so that they will be on track to reach their full potential, at school, in employment and in life: breaking intergenerational cycles of illiteracy and giving every child a chance to read, learn and succeed.


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