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One Million Women

One Million Women


Empowering and mobilising women and girls to take practical action to address the climate crisis. 

The award-winning organisation, One Million Women, act on climate change through the way we live, our everyday choices, and how we spend our money.

2014 Pitch
Funds raised: $13,350

The organisation pitched at TFN in Sydney on 9 April 2014 and secured $13,350 towards the development costs of a mobile app to drive youth engagement. With additional funding required to complete the project, 1MW evaluated its options. Rather than risk inertia while scouting for finance, 1MW opted for a tactical change of direction to preserve momentum – adopting a web-based mobile friendly solution (as opposed to the stand-alone app) as the means to engage the girls.   

The impact...

Dynamic environments favour the nimble. 1 Million Women mobilizes women and girls to respond to climate change by taking practical steps in their daily lives and aims to enlist 100,000 girls within 3 years to join the campaign to cut carbon.        

With the launch of their new website, 1MW has added a ‘girls’ section offering activities, dashboard and group capability with the look and feel of an app.  The section synthesizes the same engagement, tracking and data collection facility as previously planned while remaining true to the end game of a place in the 1MW carbon challenge specifically designed for young girls. 

In doing so, 1MW attracted the attention and advocacy of Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, when she prioritised two appearances in support of the cutting carbon campaign during her recent (and brief) visit to Australia.

With its 165,465 members (and counting), 1MW is addressing climate change through everyday life choices and practical workarounds.  Exercising dexterity while maintaining commitment to mission (and an open dialogue with supporters) is indispensable for this (and any other) social change initiative that is focused on longevity in a fluctuating world.


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