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Mama Lana's Community Foundation

Mama Lana's Community Foundation


Mama Lana’s Community Foundation (MLCF) is dedicated to supporting our often forgotten homeless and underprivileged community in the Penrith region.

Mama Lana's Community Foundation provide home-cooked meals six nights a week as well as holistic support to people suffering homelessness, enabling them to advance their well- being and prospects for future independence. MLCF is seeking funding to install a commercial kitchen on their new premises; to create a stable, safe and welcoming environment where people can seek regular support as well as referrals to other local organisations.

2018 Pitch

Funds Raised: $70,750

'Mama' Lana pitched at TFN Sydney, and spoke to the crowd about the growing issue of homelessness and financial disadvantage in their local community - Penrith. Lana was raising funds for the installation of a commercial kitchen, to help meet the growing demand and take some pressure off the Foundation's volunteers. 

The Impact…

Mama Lana’s Community Foundation support people in Penrith who are doing it tough. Whether it be from mental illness, addiction or financial stress, most of them don’t know when their next meal will be. Mama Lana’s started out as mobile outreach – prepared meals in the back of a van – but now, it has a home. A Little White House.

MLCF - TWH.jpg

Being able to provide a safe space for people in need to have a meal, means that their dignity begins to restore and for a time that day they have a home. The money raised on the night not only helped Mama Lana to install a commercial oven and other kitchen appliances, it’s also paid for running costs and electricity for an entire year! Now, volunteers spend less time preparing meals at home and can focus on supporting people experiencing homelessness connect with services that can help them.

“We have had many of our patrons benefit due to the money we received as well as myself and other volunteers. The new oven has meant that the meals have been able to be prepared in a much shorter time frame and all under the one roof. Volunteers have been able to come to our little white house and prepare the meals with much more ease and in a more controlled environment being able to stick to the guidelines of health and safety regulations. Lana and Roger has benefited the most by being able to take the cooking and storage away from their own private residence and giving some normality back to their lives” – Lana Borg

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