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Power in You Project

Power in You Project

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The Power In You Project exists to support and empower individuals batting addiction in the Geelong community to achieve lasting change in their lives.

After identifying a gap in the system for people waiting to go into rehab and those that have returned from rehab, Power In You was developed to fill that gap and enable participants to re-engage with the community. They are seeking funding to grow their existing program and provide a supportive environment for people coming out of residential rehabilitation or intensive programs.

2018 Pitch

Funds raised: $22,200

Kane was pitching for funding to continue building the 'Power in You' project - an addiction support service in South Geelong. When Kane spoke to the donor network at TFN Geelong, he told his inspiring journey of addiction and recovery. Through his story, the complexities of addiction were explored and the people behind them were revealed. 

The impact…

Becoming clean and leaving rehab is rarely the end of someone’s journey, it is often the beginning, during his pitch Kane spoke about how only 10% of people who leave residential rehab remain clean for 12 months. Residential rehab is typically support and professionals that are available 24 hours a day, when people leave there is often little to no support available for them. This was a glaring gap in services that Kane identified and his Power in You Project fill.

Thanks to your support, the Power in You Project received vital operational funds that have enabled them to continue to build a support network for people in recovery. Since the pitch Kane has worked with 26 individuals, 5 of whom have re-entered the workforce and 6 have begun full time studies. One of the program participants is Nathan.


“Our client Nathan suffered from ice abuse for approximately 2 and a half years. When I met Nathan, he was fresh out of detox and severely lacking in self confidence, direction and completely isolated. Nathan was overweight and suffered from self consciousness. Through attending the program Nathan was able to work on improving his mental and physical health through developing his self worth and removing his dependence on ice.

Nathan was encouraged to take up studies in community services as it was identified that he would make a great mentor in the future.Nathan found the confidence to find part time work as a barista and now as a result of his studies has been able to secure a position within the community services industry. Nathan has said that without the support of the power in you project, this would not have been achieved” - Robert Dejanovic, Chairman

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