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Humankind Enterprises

Humankind Enterprises


Connecting people to improve social health and resilience.

Humankind Enterprises connects people to improve social health and resilience. They do this through StoryPod a storytelling initiative where youth and seniors connect, develop new skills and reduce barriers to engaging in their local community.

2016 Pitch
Funds raised: $24,560

Humankind Enterprises presented at TFN Sydney in September 2016 and raised funds to support a 6-week program to employ young jobseekers who will share technology skills with seniors and capture stories that can be shared with younger generations.

The impact...

Did you know isolation is twice as deadly as obesity? When Sophie and Anna, the Founders of Humankind Enterprises and Lively, took to the stage to pitch at TFN Sydney in 2016, they shared powerful stories about the harmful effects of isolation, and how vulnerable older Australians are. So their two organisations united in an effort to address this. Their idea is simple; to connect young job seekers with older Australians to record the stories and preserve the wisdom and perspective of our older generation, whilst also enabling the young people to gain work experience.


Up until the time she was hired by Humankind Enterprises, 21-year-old Riley couldn’t find meaningful work after completing her studies. She was hired as a ‘Tech and Story Helper’ and was matched with a 96-year-old widow named Ruby. Riley recorded Ruby as she shared her stories and they formed a remarkable bond. These recording sessions provided Riley with meaningful employment, Ruby with a record of her story and anecdotes from life to pass down to future generations and her family members, and both of them with a shared experience passing down knowledge and wisdom.


However, the true value and outcomes of these sessions are so much deeper and it’s the non-quantifiable results that have a profound impact. Thanks to the generosity of the donors at TFN Sydney, 35 older people were able to connect with 10 young people at five ‘Tech, Tea and Tales’ events around Melbourne. The experience received a five-star rating and led to further interest and engagements from a regional council and an aged care provider.

It’s another connection… having another layer again” Jacinta, aged care resident

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