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Humanitarian Group

Humanitarian Group


Supporting asylum seekers and refugees, promoting social equality and providing access to legal services.

The Humanitarian Group supports asylum seekers and refugees, promoting social equality and providing access to legal services. The group is raising funds to connect refugees and asylum seekers with translators, assisting them to navigate the complex legal process of applying for asylum.

2015 Pitch
Funds raised: $11,800

In November 2015, The Humanitarian Group presented to The Funding Network in Perth and raised $11,800 to build a network of 143 volunteer interpreters (speaking more than 50 languages between them), provide training sessions and materials, record information for people applying for protection in their primary language and assist more than 250 people through protection application appointments and information sessions. 

The impact...

Marie* is from the Democratic Republic of Congo - but she fled her home country following a visit by armed men in the middle of the night after she publicly criticised the government's failure to address human rights abuses.  She arrived in Australia, where The Humanitarian Group helped her with an application for protection in 2012 - and when that application was initially, a subsequent application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review. 

With the help of THG's volunteer translators, Marie prepared her case. In 2016, the Tribunal held that Marie was a refugee and her case should be remitted back to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Later that year, Marie was granted a protection visa and can now start the next chapter of her life as a permanent resident of Australia.

The process to obtain a protection visa in Australia requires clear and comprehensive communication. Without a volunteer translation service, THG couldn't have helped Marie - and many others like her who arrive here seeking refuge with limited English language skills.  

متشکرم  Thank you.

* her real name has been changed to respect client confidentiality

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