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Hope Centre Services

Hope Centre Services


Teaching children to engage in learning and developing healthy and positive relationships.

Mimi’s House is a nurture and mentoring based program of Hope Centre Services, designed for children who have experienced trauma, grief or stress causing them to disengage from learning. With a mission to build strength and resilience into the lives of children experiencing severe disadvantage, Mimi’s House program teaches children to engage in learning and assists them in developing healthy and positive relationships with themselves, each other, and their communities.

2017 Pitch
Funds raised: $38,550

In July 2017, Hope Centre Services pitched at TFN Live Brisbane raising $38,550 to develop the Mimi's House mentoring program, with a mission to continue enrolling more disadvantaged children. 

The impact...

If Mimi’s house could be described in two words, it would be ‘safe place’; a concept that is foreign to many children in the Deception Bay area, north of Brisbane. Children who come from houses with domestic violence, abuse and neglect fall behind in school and, what’s worse, is they become defined by their living situation. This is where Mimi’s House comes in, giving these children a place to feel nurtured and listened to, and free to be themselves and play.

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The money raised at TFN Live has enabled 7 of these children to be enrolled in Mimi’s House for a full year. The generous funding has contributed to the program being run 5-days a week, reaching with 50 children. This has also improved their utilisation of the facility and operational expenses, decreasing the total cost per child. One of these children is a young boy named Nate*.

Nate was eight years old when he started at Mimi’s House. He was referred by his school who were concerned about his wellbeing. Nate lost his father to suicide and was displaying behavioural issues and poor mental health. Over the course of the year, Nate began to open up and enjoy himself at Mimi’s House. Both Nate’s Mum and his school have reported better behaviour and improved trust with other adults.

“They listen and we get to do things, different things, and it’s fun! Everyone gets a turn, everyone is involved. It’s calm”Nate, Program Beneficiary

*Nate's name has been changed to protect his identity

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