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Bus Stop Films

Bus Stop Films


Building the confidence, english skills and life-ready skills of people with an intellectual disability and others from marginalised communities, through access to a ‘film school experience’.

Bus Stop Films is a volunteer operated, not-for-profit organisation using real 'film school experiences' to build the confidence, english language skills and life-ready skills of people with an intellectual disability and others from marginalised communities. With the development assistance of Robyn Ewing AM, BSF has created an accessible film studies curriculum based on four years' program experience. 

2019 Pitch

Funds raised: $23,160

Bus Stop Films doesn’t believe in the limitations society puts on people living with a disability. Since inception they have made films that have been screened worldwide and have provided paid employment and further opportunities to filmmakers living with a disability. CEO Tracey Corbin-Matchett was pitching for funding to take their Accessible Films Studies Program to Canberra in 2020, allowing Canberra-based students with disability to undertake filmmaking classes and create a short film using professional equipment and studios.

2016 Pitch
Funds raised: $66,150

In March 2016, BSF presented at The Funding Network in Sydney and raised $66,150 to turn its existing film studies curriculum into an online resource and give more organisations and individuals access to inclusive film-making.

The impact...

Everyone has the right to let their creativity and talent shine.  Through Bus Stop Films' partnership with Australian Film, Television and Radio School, BSF 'film clubbers' have the benefit of world-class facilities and the inspiring AFTRS environment, bringing immense pride and dignity to their learning experiences. Program participant Digby gives the BSF film school two thumbs up: 'I like this building,' he says, 'it's a beautiful building... the best ever for Bus Stop Films ...[and] a beautiful place to be with your friends'.  For fellow film clubber Nathan, his film-making experiences give him 'a reason to get out of bed in the morning.'

Over the past 12 months, BSF has developed its curriculum with AFTRS while running a 15 week film-making program at AFTRS for 40 people with intellectual disabilities.  The team also provided two 10 week documentary filmmaking courses in Arncliffe for another 14 individuals recovering from chronic and persistent mental health issues, culminating with Flickerfest where the group saw their own quality filmmaking right up there on the screen. 

Testifying to BSF's career and personal skills development, three participants in the BSF program have since landed paid internships with significant film production brands - ABC, Giant Dwarf and The Footy Show. Every participant in the BSF film school program is a capable student accessing real opportunities in the film-making industry - and enabling us all to experience cinematic art that reflects real life and real people.  

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