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Complementary school programs that educateand empower young women.

Shine was created to introduce a structured, supportive, experiential program that offers life skills and vocational training to young women within a school-based, purpose-built hairdressing salon. After five successful years in Geraldton, Shine is now ready to open a similar program at Balga Senior High School. 

2015 Pitch
Funds raised: $18,700

Shine presented at The Funding Network in Perth on 3 September 2015 and raised $18,700.  The team is still in discussion with potential sponsors for the additional capital funding required to convert an old day care facility at Balga Senior High School into a new in-school salon facility - meanwhile, the funds have been allocated to operational costs for the two facilities at John Willcock College and a recent renovation at Geraldton Senior High School. 

The impact...

"Just wanted to update you on Betty.... She has been to see Nurse Jean.   I had noticed another fresh cut on her wrist so we asked her if she had any blades on her - and she handed them over.  

"Betty is now with SHINE for the day.  Charlie was very supportive and we have been doing lots of 'feel-good' stuff with her - but I am very concerned about her and wondered if we might get permission from Mum and the school for her to attend camp. I know her attendance is only 80% - but her overall attendance for the year is 90% so I wondered if you would please consider this. (Mandy had a similar situation with her sister and the school said it was okay.) I just feel she would be safer with us at the moment with so little support at home.  Really appreciate your feedback."

This could be a message related to any number of the girls attending Shine’s complementary education program at their school in Geraldton.   Issues at home, problems at school, disengaged and self -destructive behaviour are the hallmarks of a troubled life in need of re-engagement. 

Shine is partnering with the WA Centre for Rural Health to develop data collection methods to evaluate the impact of its programs on school attendance, positive learning outcomes and rates of transition into employment and further education - between the two Geraldton facilities, Shine now works with 70 students, a 50% increase on enrolments from the previous year).  The vocational, trade and business training provided to these girls is also about relationships, resilience, leadership and work ethic: achieving and maintaining school attendance rates on a par with year group averages in the state while addressing a range of personal, family and societal issues through support and the development of life skills.  


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