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Nakuru Hope

Nakuru Hope


Providing food, education, refuge and counsel to the destitute, hungry and illiterate in Kaptembwa, Nakuru, one of the worst slums of Kenya.  

Nakuru Hope focuses on helping orphaned children, rape victims and those with the HIV virus, so that medical treatments can be administered and further support can be arranged.

2014 Pitch
Funds raised: $12,050

In May 2014, the orphanage lay empty as NH pitched for funding at TFN in Perth to provide necessities to open the facility.The $12,050 secured that evening was used for the installation of toilets and plumbing, bunk beds, mosquito nets, basic kitchen equipment (including fridge and cooker), blanketing, clothes and food – and in October 2014, Gabriel Orphanage opened to offer safe haven and care for 35 children otherwise alone in the world.

The impact...

Hope springs eternal – although you can’t eat or drink it, and it won’t tuck you in at night. But if you recognised hope and despair as pathways to the same destination, which would you choose?

Nakuru Hope offers food, education, refuge and counsel to the destitute, hungry and illiterate – those who have little choice but to live on hope - in Kaptembwa, Nakuru, one of the worst slums of Kenya. The organisation focuses on education, orphaned children, rape victims and those with HIV, with a commitment to “being there when and wherever there is need”. 

Witnessing a disturbing rise in abandoned and orphaned children amid increased poverty, death and family breakdown, NH chose hope and incorporated an orphanage on the site of its school, Gabriel’s. These children are cared for in a family environment, their health is monitored, medical treatments are administered as needed, and they receive an education at the school. Most of all, these children have a home and have not been forgotten.

For the children cared for at Gabriel Orphanage and educated at Gabriel’s school, home offers a new chapter that speaks of aspiration and choice, instead of hardship and desperation. For a child like Nelson – rescued by NH from a cabbage patch – home replaces hunger, ringworm and scabies with his own dreams of being a pilot.  

It costs $100 a month to sponsor a child to have a home, an education - and hope - at Gabriel’s.  And for NH and its own plans for a sustainable future, it is hope that sustains a long march towards universal human dignity.


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