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Using dance as the vehicle to promote social inclusion, mental and physical health and self-respect.

L2R uses dance as the vehicle to promote social inclusion, mental and physical health and self-respect. Through creative approaches, L2R breaks down social barriers and encourages peer-to-peer mentoring. The organisation works closely with newly arrived and at-risk young people in Melbourne's outer western suburbs who would not have access to formal dance training.

2016 Pitch
Funds raised: $27,755

L2R has seen exciting growth over the years and aimed to extend it's dance training program to over 100 participants from the 70 it had. In 2016, they pitched to fund training for more teaching artists and to take the organisation to the next level by providing more opportunities for marginalised groups through the power of dance.

The impact...

The young people at L2R come from over 23 different backgrounds – yet they all speak the same language: DANCE!


B-Boy Ligi* was one of the amazing performers at TFN Melbourne – he showed off his dance moves, and moved the audience with his inspiring story. Since that night, he has used his dancing skills to gain employment as an emerging artist and now teaches at L2R’s new weekly hip-hop dance class. These weekly classes unite young people from culturally and linguistically diverse, newly arrived and at-risk communities to celebrate the power of dance and create shared experiences. Because you backed him, B-Boy L is now “fostering a bright future and is planning for the future”.

L2R itself is also fostering a brighter future. Whilst your financial support has gone to increased services, the relationships, mentoring and affirmation from the audience at TFN Live has enabled L2R to position itself for growth and sustainability.

“I feel more supported and confident in my decision to pursue my dreams of turning a small community dance group into a professional charity that will change lives and have positive impacts on the wonderful and vibrant community in Melbourne's west... and hopefully beyond.” – Jacinda Richards, Founder & CEO

*stage name

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