Craft compelling stories that move, motivate and mobilise your audiences

Explore the structures, techniques and tips that will help you craft compelling stories to engage and inspire. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of how to use language that resonates with your audience, how to create a strong brand voice, how to craft compelling headlines and why it’s important to tailor your copy for different platforms. You’ll be able to use powerful language that connects with new and existing networks, and creates an impact for your organisation.

What you'll learn

  • Five tips to telling great stories that have impact and achieve your objectives

  • How to find your story’s purpose

  • How to frame your story to ensure you’re reaching the right people

  • How to use emotive language to bring your audience into the story

  • How to use the Three Act Structure to build your story

  • The do’s and don’ts with copywriting

  • The importance of human connection and how to weave this into your story to keep people engaged

  • Tips to start writing, when you’ve got writers block

  • How to evaluate the success of your story

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Collaboration Partner

Nicole Richards_head shot.jpg

Nicole Richards -

Chief Storyteller, Philanthropy Australia

Nicole has helped share stories in the social sector for more than a decade, including most recently as Editor of Generosity Magazine. She has worked across the not-for-profit, private and public sectors, writing for and consulting to start-ups, NGOs, trusts and foundations, state and federal government departments and private corporations. As the Chief Storyteller at Philanthropy Australia, Nicole focusses on finding, writing and sharing the stories that inspire more and better philanthropy.

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