Gather the right data to demonstrate and articulate your impact

Learn the frameworks and familiarise yourself with the practical tools for collecting evidence to measure, demonstrate and articulate the social impact of your organisation, or program. You’ll learn how to ensure you’re measuring the right outcomes through meaningful and quantifiable metrics, how to make sense of the data, and how to build this into the story of your organisation.

What you'll learn

  • learn how to use your smartphone to capture stories that your audience cares about
  • understand the optimal video length for social channels
  • gain and apply important story telling techniques such as……
  • 5-6 dot points about what the course will cover
  • 5-6 dot points about what the course will cover
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Additional resources and great articles

Social Ventures Australia Fundamentals For Impact
SVA Fundamentals for Impact to help brave leaders and their ambitious organisations to answer critical questions about their effectiveness. They are a way to think systematically about the areas that might affect your organisation’s ability to create the scale of social change you want and provide a clear pathway to prioritise and act on that information to do better.

6 Step Quick-Start Guidebook: Social Outcomes Measurement
You can use this 6 step guidebook to make quick and simple start to measuring outcomes. It’s easier than you think. This guidebook will step you through defining the purpose of your program/service, examining how the program is delivered, defining the expected outcomes, creating an outcomes data collection plan, and collecting, analysing and reporting on the data.

Acumen Social Impact Analysis Course
A five-week online course teaching you about the  frameworks and practical tools for measuring the social impact of your company, organisation, or initiative. 


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